What is 3D Archery.

3D archery is a subset of field archery focusing on shooting at life-size models of game and is popular with hunters. It is most common to see unmarked distances in 3D archery, as the goal is to accurately recreate a hunting environment for competition.

To preserve the rubber animals, normal or field tips are used at the end of the arrows.

3D Archery can be participated by anyone at any skill level. 3D Archery can be set in the woods, fields and sometime even indoor ranges. Guessing the distance is probably the number one skill in 3D Archery. In unmarked 3D Archery, you must guess how far the target is in order to make a high scoring shot.

Generally, the 3D Archery will shoot at various animal shaped targets. These are close to life sized animals. The types of animals vary and range from Alligators and Bobcat to Dinosaurs and Zebra.

During World Championships the following bows are used:

  • Barebow
  • Compound
  • Instinctive Bow
  • Longbow

For Barebow, Instinctive Bow and Longbow divisions the unmarked distances may have a maximum of 30 m distance from the shooting peg to the 3D animal target. For the Compound division the distance may be a maximum of 45 m.

The archers must judge the distance between shooting peg and the 3D-animal target and also consider the surroundings e.g. an uphill or downhill shooting and the effects of the gravity in calculating how to shoot the arrow.

The 3D animal targets have 4 scoring zones: an 11, a 10, an 8 and a 5.

The archer must also know what to carry onto the competition field in respect of clothing, food or drinks during the competition-rounds, as the archer is not allowed to leave the competition field during the competition.

Individual competition in each of the 4 bow classes
The match consists of two Qualification rounds of 24 3D animal targets each.

The 16 best archers of the added up scores of the 2 qualification rounds, in each category,go to the 1st Elimination round, where they shoot 12 3D animal targets. After that the 8 best archers, in each category,shoot the 2nd Elimination round, 8 3D animal targets.

The best 4 archers, in each category, shoot then matches (1:4, 2:3) on 4 targets. The winners, in each category, shoot 4 targets for the gold medal, and the losers shoot 4 targets for the bronze medal.

Team competition
A team consists of one archer of the Compound and Longbow classes and either a Barebow or Instinctive Bow Class.

A Nation’s team-ranking is made based on the highest scores in the 2 added qualification rounds of each Federation’s best archer in the Compound and Longbow classes and either the Barebow or Instinctive Bow Class.

The best 8 teams shoot an elimination round at a course of 8 3D animal targets. Each team member shoots 1 arrow (3 arrows per team).

After that the best 4 teams shoot semi-finals (1:4 and 2:3) on 4 3D targets followed by finals also on 4 targets where the winners of the semi-finals shoot for the gold medal and the losers of the semi-finals shoot for the bronze medal.

The first World 3D World Championships were held in Sully-sur-Loire, France in 2003, followed by the 2nd in Genoa, Italy in 2005 and the 3rd World Championships in 2007 in Sopron, Hungary. In 2009 the 4th World Championships took place in Latina, Italy. In 2011 the 5th World Championships took place in Donnersbach, Austria

Some 3D Animals