Shikwaru Hunting

It is more than an event – It is an experience to hunt with us

Shikwaru offers a unique hunting opportunity in the world famous Waterberg region of the Limpopo province of South Africa. This hunting outfit is owned by a non-profit called Reaching a Generation, that does relief and ministry work in Southern Africa. Join our family of hunters, where hunting your dream trophy allows you to touch the lives of families and youth in Africa!

“Creating memories that will last a lifetime,”  is our motto. Enjoy professional and personal custom-made services for you and your group at Shikwaru. 

While staying at the luxurious Shikwaru Lodge with its many family-centered activities, you will be able to enjoy the hunt of a lifetime amongst friends.

African animals are tough! Hunting in Africa for the first time or even as a seasoned hunter you will realize the uniqueness of our animals. Everything from shot placement to tracking differs from hunting animals in other parts of the world. With so many species and animal patterns to consider, you can rest assured that our professional hunters will do their best to ensure a successful hunt for each of our clients.

 Once you have harvested an animal, our skilled staff of skinners and trackers will do their best to ensure you walk away with many great memories! 

Our chef at Shikwaru will cater your meals during your stay – Game meats are always served as a wonderful part of the experience at Shikwaru. Special menus can also arranged for any dietary restrictions or preferences. We also offer laundry service at no extra cost.

Shikwaru Hunting is well positioned to assist you in your choice of hunt – Wether that be bow hunting, rifle hunting or crossbow hunting, we are equipped with an array of hunting weapons for you to choose from.

Shikwaru also boasts a fully equipped onsite Mathews Bow shop to serve our clients in every need they may have during their stay.

If you prefer to hunt with your personal gear, you are welcome to bring it with you. Bringing firearms through South African customs involves some paper work, however, we can assist you in the process.

Other Activities for observers and extras for hunter

Activities and side tours


Our family friendly lodge is equipped with activities that everyone can enjoy! During your stay you can enjoy game drives, bush walks, fishing, swimming, archery, picnics, bird watching, putt-putt golf, archery tag – and we’re just a mere 15 minutes from the extreme 19th hole at Legends Golf Course! Our restaurant offers tasty local meals on request or guests can enjoy an authentic bush dinner under the African stars!


Amani Camp is our preferred hunting camp, and sleeps up to 12 total people in 4 individual chalets, with a common kitchen and dining area – it’s a perfect camp for families, friends, and hunting groups of any kind. While Amani may be preferred for most hunters, Shikwaru has many other camps to suit your needs!

Doing our part.


Shikwaru Hunting is a proud partner of Reaching a Generation. Reaching a Generation is a ministry based non-profit that was founded in South Africa. The goal of the ministry is to influence the influencers in the lives of children and youth. Hunting with us also supports a broad range of RELIEF and SOCIAL SERVICES.Hunting with us will impact the lives of thousands of children in Africa. 100% of our profits is designated to contribute to impacting the next generation of African children and families. From community work to rescuing young ladies from child mariages. Your hunt will help change lives.

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Our team at Shikwaru will ensure your trophies have the best care Wether you are hunting with us for the first time, or the 10th – Our team will happily walk you through the different mounting styles and options. Ones and animal is harvested, your professional hunter will guide our skinners in the exact trophy style you have requested.

From the skinning process all the way to the taxidermist, we will stay involved in the process until our clients have received their well-deserved trophies from the taxidermist.

We work with only the best taxidermists in South Africa – These guys are experts in their field and they know the ins-and-outs of African animal trophies. Once they have finished the taxidermy process, the shipping process will begin.


*Cost of trophies at Shikwaru will not include taxidermy – Taxidermy price lists on request.