What is Indoor Archery


There are four different indoor rounds shot in Australia

 WA 18m – 60 arrows shot over 18 metres on a 40 cm Target face
WA 25m – 60 arrows shot over 25 metres on a 60 cm Target face

Australian Indoor 18m – 30 arrows shot over 18 metres on a 40 cm Target Face
Australian Indoor 25m – 30 arrows shot over 25 metreas on a 60 cm Target Face

Tournaments can be shot as a single or double round of the rounds listed above. A Double round means two rounds are shoot for the event.


WA Indoor Rounds

In Australia Recurve, Longbow and Barebow Recurve and Barebow Compound Divisions score the same as outdoor target rounds.

The Compound Division uses the X-ring as the 10 scoring zone, the outer ten zone and the nine zone score as 9 points.

Australian Indoor Rounds

For all equipment categories, scoring is the same as outdoor target rounds.


Indoor archery can be shot using one of 3 target face styles; single face, triple (triangle) face, triple (vertical) face. For the WA Indoor Round any of these three face styles can be used although for the National Indoor Championships only the single face or triple (vertical) face is used.

For the Australian Indoor Round, only the single face and triple (triangle) face can be used. The choice as to the face to be used is up to the individual archer and Organizing Committee.

Single faces are scored from 10 points to one point.

    Triple faces from 10 points to 6 points with any arrow outside of the scoring zone scored as a miss (M).

If an archer shoots more then one arrow into an individual target on a triple face, the highest scoring arrow will be scored as a miss (M)

When shooting at triple faces, archers may shoot these in any order, even though the individual target faces may be numbered.


All indoor events are conducted to the same format.

Arrows are shot in 3-arrow ends with a 2 minute time limit, with a 10 second call to the shooting line and a warning (amber light) when there is 30 seconds to the completion of the end of shooting.

Usually 4 archers are allocated to a target butt and archers shoot in two details, AB and CD.

For the WA Indoor Rounds, when shooting at single or triangular triple faces Archer A shoots at the top left target with Archer B shooting at the top right target. Archer C will shoot at the bottom left target and Archer D at the bottom right target.

When shooting vertical triple faces, the four vertical strips are placed side by side and Archer A shoots at the first column from the left while Archer B shoots at the third column from the left. Archer C the second column and Archer D the fourth column.

When shooting, the order of shooting will rotate each end, as follows:

 AB – CD

For the Australian Indoor Rounds when shooting at single or triangular triple faces, the archers on the lower targets will always shoot first.

When shooting a single 30-arrow round, after 15 arrows the archers on the top targets will move their targets to the lower positions and the archers shooting on the lower targets will move their targets to the upper target positions.

If shooting a double round, this change will happen after 30 arrows have been shot.


For all Indoor events there shall be a minimum of 20 minutes and a maximum of 45 minutes practice unless detailed differently in the WA or AA Shooting Rules (the period shall be determined by the Organizing Committee). Generally, there is no break between practice and scoring; shooting should commence immediately after the finish of practice. For the Australian rounds, if shooting a double round, there will be no practice between each of the 30-arrow rounds; it will only be at the commencement of shooting.

The extent of practice shall be at the discretion of the Club or Tournament Organizers and shall be notified to all competitors to enable them to avail themselves of the opportunity; this information will be published on the entry form or announced prior to the start of shooting (i.e. there will be 20 minutes of practice).

All practice shall be conducted under the control of the DOS.

When a round is shot over several days, there will be practice provided at the commencement of each day.