About Goldtip

During it’s long tradition in the manufacturing of graphite arrows, the Gold Tip name has come to stand for the most innovative, durable, and precise carbon arrows in the world. Every Gold Tip arrow is manufactured from the finest aerospace-grade materials and built to meet the industry’s weight and straightness specifications. Gold Tip’s products are supported by a network of knowledgeable and friendly employees, dealers, and distributors. That’s why many of the world’s top professional archers depend on Gold Tip, and why bow hunters and archers claim that Gold Tip makes the toughest arrows they’ve ever shot.


From assembly and tuning to spine charts and safety info, Gold Tip® strives to be your go-to resource for tips and info.

What`s to Offer.

Goldtip offers a complete selection of arrows to cater for all applications. For more info click on the following link.

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Tim Gillingham

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Brad Farris

Will Primos

Levi Morgan


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