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About Brite Strings


Building quality custom strings is our passion,  our strings have over 16 years of field testing. Being aggravated by peep rotation, we build our strings to specific specifications that eliminate peep rotation and timing issues. Our strings are handmade, measured and stretched, ensuring each string and cable are exact in length.

Our Products

We use only the best BCY materials in the business and each set of our custom bow strings is custom made to your specifications. Every string and cable is pre-stretched eliminating the need for continuous cam timing and synchronization. Over the years we have developed our proprietary building process ensuring your strings will have all the consistent performance characteristics world champion archers have come to depend on!


Welcome to Brite Strings, a supplier of custom made premium bowstrings. Whether shooting for a world championship, hunting or just shooting in your back yard, our mission is to provide you with highest quality most consistent bow strings on the market. While we have made a name for ourselves by making some of most outrageous colored bow strings around, make no mistake, our commitment to constant field testing and construction improvements ensure, that your Brite Strings will be the best strings you have ever shot.


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