Bee Stinger

About Bee Stinger

Based in Utah, Bee Stinger™ is the archery-industry leader in stabilizers and related equipment. We engineer and manufacture the most advanced line of stabilizers and side bars for bowhunting, target archery and 3-D archery on the market. Every stabilizer we make meets our strict standards for superior performance at the range, in world-class competition,and on the hunt. With machined aluminum end caps, stainless steel weights, ultra-rigid 100% carbon rods, and Sims Internal Adapters you can trust your Bee Stinger™ to help you acquire your target faster, hold steadier, diminish torque, reduce vibration, and finish on target.

Bee Stinger™ also offers an wide assortment of weights and vibration dampeners. Not to mention all the mounting hardware needed to configure stabilizers and side rods any way an archer needs to make their best shots.



How it Works


To understand why the Bee Stinger™ works, we first need to define the role of a stabilizer in archery. A stabilizer should hold your bow steady both while at full draw and at the time of release while shooting. The Bee Stinger™ embodies the definition of stabilization. When an archer is holding at full draw, there are many forces built up in the cables, limbs, and back of the archer, etc. When the arrow is released, these forces change suddenly. These changing forces affect the bow in addition to the flight of the arrow.

What`s to Offer.

Bee Stinger™ works because the weight is concentrated at the distal end and the connecting rod is ultra-light and rigid. These are the qualities that make for the best stabilizer on the market!  These qualities only exist in Bee Stinger’s patented technology.



Meet The Team

Tim Gillingham

The Hammer

Levi Morgan

David Houser