Hunting Farms(International Clients)

African Barefoot Safaris

Africa is absolutely amazing!! Hunting at African Barefoot Safaris is absolutely amazing! Everything about this place is absolutely amazing! Its home away home here, and a perfect place for the whole family to come and either partake in the incredible hunting hunting, or just sit back and relax pool side. It has the traditional feel of South Africa yet still holds the amenities of modern day luxury. Come enjoy a high rack safari drive seeing all sorts of wildlife, take elephant rights and do a bit of shopping!

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Shikwaru offers a unique hunting opportunity in the world famous Waterberg region of the Limpopo province of South Africa. This hunting outfit is owned by a non-profit called Reaching a Generation, that does relief and ministry work in Southern Africa. Join our family of hunters, where hunting your dream trophy allows you to touch the lives of families and youth in Africa!

Creating memories that will last a lifetime


A Safari Company with unparalleled ethics and equally competent hunting skills.

Professional Hunter Martin Roux, and the Fraser Family, Tom Snr, Tommy and Daniel, established the Safari company operating from ThabaLesodi Game Ranch, situated in the Waterberg area, Limpopo, South Africa.

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Harloo Safaris

HARLOO PRIVATE RESERVE, has belonged to the Rouillard family since 1959, and used to be part of the Pongola Game Reserve, proclaimed by President Paul Kruger in 1894, making it the first Wildlife Sanctuary in Africa, only second oldest in the world after Yellowstone (USA).  This privately owned reserve is the hub of the operation.

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Crystal Creek Bowhunting

Crystal Creek Bow Hunting is part of a private game reserve conservancy which is nestled in the unique mountain valleys on the border of South Africa’s Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces. The reserve spans 2,500 hectares of unspoilt open highveld grass plains, mountainous habitats, bushveld creeks and river ravines, making it the ideal environment for diverse game and bird species.

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