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Antony Diplock

My hunting experience started from as early as I could remember with all the men in my family and Uncle and cousins all serious hunters and PH's. Having spent most of my life on the ocean hunting remains my passion. My bowhunting career started 18 years ago and it's my preferred way to hunt to this day. Due to work and current location the only all year hunting in close proximity for me is hunting Bushpigs on local farms doing problematic animal control for the local farmers. We hunt alot and spend many hours in stands and baiting. At the moment I currently own a small bow shop with a 3D range called Compound Archer. I offer guided Bushpig hunting for local SA residents only. If I was asked what bow I use or what brand I prefer I would not be able to answer as I use many brands for different applications. I have never shot professionally in any tournaments but hope to try some day.