Pro Shooters Africa/NA

South African 3D and Indoor Shooter

Henry Myburgh

My Preferred Bow Brand & Model

Club: Magnum Archery

My preferred bow brand is Mathews archery and my Bows for the year is TRX 38.

Image result for trx 38 blue.png

My Preferred Arrow Brand

Goldtip offers a great product with outstanding performance.

3D Arrows: Series 22 Pro/ Xcutter Pro`s 80-100gr Accupoint

Field Arrows: Pierce Platinum Pro 340  140gr Accupoint

Indoor: 9.3Max arrows with 180gr points

My Preferred Stabilizer Brand

Beestinger Stabs

30″ Premium Long Rod

12″ premium Side Rod

My Preferred Trigger Brand

Stan Perfex

InSight Peep System

Bow Leveling System

My Preferred Peep

My Preferred V Bars and Connects

Shrewd Adjustable Quick Disconnects and V-Bars

My Preferred Sight Brand

My Preferred Optics.

The Bushnell Legend E -Series Works extremely well in Rain or Shine.

Axcel Achive Carbon 9″

Av31 Housing with 4x Docs Choice lens 

0.10 Pin

My Preferred Vanes and Adhesives.

3D: AAE MAX Pro Vanes 1.7″

Field: AAE WAV Vanes

Indoor: EP-40  4″ Vanes

AAE Max Clean Wipes

AAE MaxBond

AAE Primer Pen

Rest: AAE Freakshow Extended bar with 0.10 Blade