Pro Shooters Africa -Stefan Swanepoel (Hunting)

South African Hunter

I started bowhunting at the tender age of 6 years and have been at it every single year. My gear might not be the fanciest or most expensive, but a well-placed shot is all that counts.

My Preferred Bow Brand & Model

-Hoyt Helix 2019
275 fps (current arrow setup)
29″ Draw length
71 lbs. Draw weight


ZERO Premium Bowstrings

My Preferred Arrow Brand

Easton Axis 340 500gr. With 100gr. Field tip.

My Preferred Stabilizer Brand

8 inch Hoyt Pro series stabilizer

My Preferred Hunting Sight

Standard Trophy Ridge housing

No lens, 0.19 optic fibre pins

My Preferred Broadheads.

100gr NAP, Slick Trick, Rage

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