Pro Shooters Africa -Johan De Jager

South African Hunter

Johan De Jager

My Preferred Bow Brand & Model

Mathews VXR 31.5
Pounds: 75.2#
Draw Length: 28.5”


Club: Archers Edge

My Preferred Arrow Brand

My Preferred Trigger/Sight Brand

My Preferred Optics/Housing

My Preferred Stablizer Brand

Quattro Dentro 8” with 1oz weights



Preferred Bow Strings:

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About Me.

I have been a Dedicated Bowhunter for the past 4 years with numerous hunts across South Africa. With my passion for the outdoors and hunting I have regular trips to the bushveld in any given season. I am also a Rifle Hunter at heart and together with my Bowhunting experience I have over 20 years hunting experience.

Hunting Style: I am very keen on a Spot and Stalk (Walk and Stalk) challenge while hunting my animals.

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* No Scent Technologies LLC, USA
* Treezyn
* Archer’s Edge
* Sure Sight
* Train Hunt Eat
* Tony’s Custom Bowstrings