Pro Shooters Africa -Henry Myburgh

South African 3D and Indoor Shooter

Henry Myburgh

My Preferred Bow Brand & Model

Club: About Archery

My preferred bow brand is PSE Archery and my Bows for the year is PSE Supra Focus 40

My Preferred Arrow Brand

Goldtip offers a great product with outstanding performance.

3D Arrows: Series 22 Pro/ Xcutter Pro`s 80-100gr Accupoint

Field Arrows: Pierce Platinum Tours Pro 340  140gr Accupoint

Indoor: 9.3Max arrows with 180gr points

My Preferred Stabilizer Brand

Beestinger Stabs

30″ Premium Long Rod

12″ premium Side Rod

My Preferred Trigger Brand

Large TRuball ABYSS & FLEX

My Preferred Peep

InSight Peep System

Bow Leveling System


My Preferred V Bars and Connects

Shrewd Adjustable Quick Disconnects and V-Bars

My Preferred Sight Brand

Axcel Achive Carbon 9″

Av31 Housing with 4x Docs Choice lens 

0.10 Pin

My Preferred Optics.

The Bushnell Legend E -Series Works extremely well in Rain or Shine.

My Preferred Vanes and Adhesives.

3D: 2″ Flex-Fletch Silent Knight 

Field: 1.87″ Flex-Fletch FPP`s

Indoor: 3.36″ Flex-Fletch XTREME VANES