Pro Shooters Africa -Arno Rademan (Hunting)

South African Target/Hunter

Arno Rademan

My Preferred Bow Brand & Model

2018 Hoyt RX1- Buckskin 70-80 Pounds


ZERO Premium Bowstrings

My Preferred Arrow Brand

Carbon CoreĀ 

29″ in length and a total arrow weight of 522gn

with a 4 vane AAE max stealth configuration

My Preferred Stabilizer Brand

Single 12″ Beestinger microhex with additional 2 ounce weights

My Preferred Hunting Sight

Standard spothogg MRT double pin housing

My Preferred Optics.

The Bushnell Legend E -Series Works extremely well in Rain or Shine.

My Preferred Broadheads.

100gn Slicktrick magnums,

100gn slicktrick nukes

100gn Death broadheads from Carbon core