Archery Affiliates.

World Archery is the international governing body for the sport of archery. Its mission is to promote and regulate archery worldwide, developing the sport with over 160 member associations through international events, development initiatives and marketing and endorsed by the International Olympic Committee, International Paralympic Committee and International World Games Association, among others.

It is responsible for setting the rules and regulations for international archery events, organising the World Archery Championships and for the sport at the Olympic Games, Paralympic Games and World Games.

International Field Archery Association
The International Field Archery Association, also known as the IFAA, is an amateur sports association that was founded in 1970 and represents 50,000 field archers in 40 member countries as of 2012.


International Bowhunting Organization

About Us

The International Bowhunting Organization (IBO) was created in 1984 by a dedicated group of bowhunters who shared the desire to ensure that bowhunting and the ideals of wildlife conservation survive, expand and flourish to be shared, enjoyed and passed on to future generations.

By its charter, the International Bowhunting Organization’s purpose is “To promote, encourage and foster the sport of bowhunting;  further bowhunter education; act as a political coordinator and liaison for the protection and advancement of bowhunting;  — function as a clearinghouse for essential bowhunter information;  and — adhere to the basic ideal of the unification of bowhunters.”


About us

Modern competitive archery is governed by the World Archery Federation and Olympic rules are derived from the World Archery rules. World Archery is the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) recognised governing body for all of archery and the South African National Archery Association (SANAA) is a member in good standing of the World Archery Federation.


ABO Conservation

Our diverse African wildlife is arguably one of our most precious natural resources. As devout conservationists, we understand our role in sustainable utilisation.

ABO aims to empower archers to attain an acceptable level of competence, with exposure to generally acceptable standards Should they wish exercise their right to bow hunt.


3Di Tournament Archery

The African chapter of IBO, and their subsidiary 3-Di, was established by a group of dedicated archers, with the mutual desire to see that the sport of 3-D target archery expand and flourish.

To educate, establish and maintain the highest levels of competitive 3-D archery as set out in the Original Charter of the IBO.


SABA’s FOCUS: SABA’s activities focus on all bowhunting aspects of the bowhunting industry. We believe that bowhunters can positively influence Government and the public in general by: Anticipating and influencing negative perspectives regarding bowhunting;

•Promoting ethical bowhunting by all bowhunters

•Maintaining lifelong commitment to continuing education bowhunting development.

•Recruiting more members to ensure an united front to the benefit of the bowhunting industry.


SABA’s mission is to motivate bowhunters of all race and sex to know and experience bowhuntng in its truest form by fostering, expanding, promoting, protecting and perpetuating ethical bowhunting through ongoing education; and protect members’ interest and the right to bowhunt. SABA’s CORE VALUES: Educating all bowhunters to hunt in a humane and ethical way; Building trust relationships with Government, its parastatals and other relevant bodies; Valuing ethical behaviour at all times; and Ensuring minimal suffering to the quarry.