Initially, bow hunter education was the primary focus of the IBO. This enabled them to develop a series of State / National and International 3-D Tournaments.

Today these 3-D events are by far some of the largest and most prestigious 3-D archery events in the world, also dominating the South African Tournament circuit with the 8 X Provincial Championships and the 2 Day Triple Crowns and National Championship Event !!

Our Mission :

  • Promote, encourage, and foster the sport of 3-D archery, 
  • To Promote and encourage Mass Participation and Development through the National Archery in Schools Programme, 
  • To function as a clearing house for essential 3-D and archery related information,
  • To maintain and administer a competitive 3-D tournament circuit, 
  • Adhere to the basic ideal of the IBO, which is the ‘Unification of Archers’, 

In the 34 years that the IBO has been in existence, it has grown to the largest archery and conservation organization in the World…… 3-Di is now a part of that legacy, and we invite you to join us !!!

The sport of Tournament and 3-D target archery have exploded in South Africa. This is echoed by the healthy numbers attending the sanctioned 3-Di events held in the different provinces.

If you’re new to archery, then you’ll enjoy what we have to offer.

  • If you have a competitive nature, the opportunity to match up to some of the best 3-D target archers in South Africa.
  • If you just enjoy having fun, like we do, a day of Archery fun with like minded friends.

With the continuing support of the industry’s leading manufacturers, and a network of dedicated clubs / pro shops and archers, 3-Di is prepared to meet the important challenges faced in keeping our sport sustainable.